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    Because it's yumminess brings me back time after time

  • *****

    Good establishment. The chefs are of the quality you would expect. Service was friendly as well. I believe it is slightly cheaper here than Genji's but I'd have to say the food is just slightly inferior to Genji's. However they do serve noodles which were quite good. The yum-yum sauce is also not quite as good as Genji's. The steak and shrimp were very good but the lobster was rock lobster and lacked the quality you would expect for the price. Overall this is a good hibachi and is a close second to Genji's. You get more value, but a slight less quality.

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    Ok. I'm going to let you in on a secret... (whispers) I sort of like it better than the other place! They give you noodles instead of fried rice and these noodles are delicious. I still paid the few dollars more to get fried rice too. I thought it was worth it. But then again, I can be a piggy. Teriyaki chicken was only like 13.95. Pretty cheap considering you get salad, soup and dessert with it. Great entertainment, slightly different show from Genji's. I took my couchsurfers from Brazil and Germany here because they had never eaten at a hibachi restaurant and they both absolutely loved it. They talked about it for about 15 minutes on the way back to my house!

  • *****

    As the
    The same
    Great taste
    Full :-)

  • *****

    I was pleasantly surprised by the expansive bar and modern look of Hokkaido. I ordered the Bento Box A, which is a vegetarian option with fried tofu and stir fry, an avocado roll, tempura veggies, steamed rice and edamame. A huge portion for a great value! The bento boxes also come with soup and salad, as I believe most of the meals do.

    My server was proficient, and answered my question about the ingredients in the miso soup with confidence, but when I received my salad, the ginger dressing looked creamy. I asked if it had dairy it in, and she said, "yeah probably", but didn't offer to ask or look. I didn't eat the salad as I don't ingest cow juices. That would be my only gripe about the experience and I'd like to return. I blame myself really, I assumed the ginger dressing was as it is at the other Japanese Steakhouses I'd been to. Overall, this place seems dope and definitely a good value.

  • *****

    Hokkaido was a pleasant surprise. I love Sushi N but we wanted to try this place out.
    It's very clean. I normally hit Genji up for sushi but it's getting run down and I swear they don't use AC in the summer.
    Hokkaido has a ton of creative rolls and their presentation was beautiful. The miso soup was also really good.
    I got the twin tower roll and it was delicious.
    I'll definitely be back.

  • *****

    It was my first time eating out in a restaurant like this even I am a foodie, and boy, they did not disappoint. I liked the food Chef Jay prepared for us- I ordered Scallops and Shrimp Hibachi and it's really good. The green tea ice cream after the meal caps it off, though. Just balance.

  • *****

    Great food. Great service. Great fun! Huge portions. Even the "kids" meal was almost as big as the adults. Do not be ashamed to split a meal. Yum yum sauce was great. The ginger sauce was different than others I've had, but still good.

  • *****

    We were craving Japanese food and when we Yelped Japanese food in Saginaw, MI, this place came up. It had some decent reviews, so we thought we would check it out.

    Service: We were greeted and seated right away. The host was very friendly. Our waitress was very friendly and nice. She kept checking in on us and was quick to bring things that we requested (more water, more napkins, etc...).

    Food: The salad and miso soup were very good! The chicken katsu was pretty darn good! I was impressed! It was like having a little taste of home! The sushi was okay. The salmon was very tasty though! The other pieces of fish weren't bad, but they weren't excellent either.

    Drinks: I just had water and green tea, but I believe they have a full bar for those who want an alcoholic drink.

    Note: When I am craving some chicken katsu, I will head to this spot!

  • *****

    Walked in, got seated right away at a grill on a Sunday night. It took a little while for everything to get sorted out so we were sitting for a little bit, but it was definitely worth it. We got Jay as a chef, and he was awesome! These experiences always depend on the quality of the chef you get and Jay was 100% the best. My group absolutely loved it.

    Jay even took the time to clear the grill and make sure that a vegan at the group didn't get any animal products in her meal or even touch her meal. I think that's what really made Jay stand out, as a lot of people don't know what a vegan is and Jay did and went above and beyond. He didn't have to, and honestly it would have been fine, but that really was awesome.

    The food was great we started out with the Salmon Nachos, which were great. We then got chicken, shrimp and veggies which were very good. We were pretty full by the time we got our meats and ended up leaving with a LOT of food.

    Overall a great experience! I will be back.

  • *****

    Went here for a coworker's going away party. We all had a great time, and the food was delicious. The service was also spot on. Also, it's decorated quite nicely inside. I'll be returning soon.

  • *****

    Great sushi. Beautiful interior. Friendly service. Way better than Genji. I eat here couple times a month.

  • *****

    Husband and i go to this restaurant several times a month.
    Best of its kind that i have been to.
    Yum yum sauce is amazing, they cook to your liking. I love the sauce on the saled, clear onion souo is always hot and yummy.
    Lunch menu you get alot of food for the price, always taking some home :)

  • *****

    Stopped in last week and got the rainbow roll and the fire cracker. Some of the best sushi I have had, rivals sushi I've had while in Japan. Our server Kaylie was extremely attentive, and was quick to make sure our every need was taken care of. Much much better than Genji down the street. A little hard to find though.

  • *****

    My son and myself love this place.. we had the combination of chicken &shrimp it was so good.. I love the yum yum sauce..the only thing that I dislike was the salad dressing for our salads.. it take like peanut butter dressing it left a bad taste in our mouths.. also we did not get any napkins.. I had to ask for some and we got two napkins apiece

  • *****

    We went in celebration of my mothers birthday and it was phenomenal!!! We were seated immediately despite having a slightly large group, and the hostess was very friendly. The chef was just amazing, so funny, and entertaining! We each took turns trying to catch teriyaki chicken in our mouths which was hilarious; my mother opted out but she had just as much fun watching me fail to catch every piece of chicken he tossed my way. The food was refreshingly unique and delicious! After we received our drinks there was never once a moment when we had empty plates. The noodles were a personal favorite of mine and it was nice to try something new. I'm not a fan of onions, so I was surprised that I liked the soup so much! The chicken teriyaki was so so so so so good, I haven't had good food like that in a while! And to end the night we all received a small scoop of free ice cream from a variety of flavors, which was the perfect portion considering none of of had room for a full dessert with all the delicious food we filled up on!

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    The environment was awesome from the wait staff to the chef. I honestly will return and try more things! I should have gotten some tea as well lol. Oh yeah and the bathrooms were super clean and nicely decorated. I really like this place alot.

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